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NM snow photographers

NM snow photographers

NM snow photographers

NM snow photographers

NM snow photographers

Blessing from the sky this week, as fellow freelance photographers Ariel Zambelich and Brandon Thibodeaux stopped through Albuquerque on a road trip. In return for crashing on my couch & floor, I received a free beer at Marble, a free sandwich at Kelly’s, and most importantly I got a change to talk photo with two people that I like and respect. The beer and food was just a bonus, as was playing in the snow with Morgan Petroski before she got a a jet plane bound for Florida.

Man, I wanna go somewhere! Who’s coming with me? Can I crash on your couch?

Nicole Frugé – Freelance conflict photographer


San Antonio Express-News staff photographer Nicole Frugé is leaving the paper under her own terms to pursue freelance work. I’m sure she will do amazing things in the future.

“It’s so hard to say goodbye to so many close friends. But I’m very excited that I have an opportunity to follow my passion and hopefully I’ll produce some meaningful stories in the process. I’ve made the decision to go freelance so I can focus on conflict photography and documentary projects.”

You can follow Nicole’s work through her blog The Last Picture Show.

Also, you can see Nicole present her work with a amazing lineup of photographers at the “best little underground photo conference out there” – GeekFest in St. Petersburg, Florida this September 11-13. If you have the means at all, you’re a fool not if you pass this up.

James Gregg’s Island

james_gregg_PR Tucson Arizona based photojournalist James Gregg recently returned from a trip to Puerto Rico where he shot “13,000 or so images” during his time there. Cheers to good editing, and check out his blog to see some of the keepers.

Former LA Times photographers have a website


This is a great idea. I found Pro Photographers Network on what is fast becoming a favorite new blog, Resolve.

NM photographer Jakob Schiller

About time! Jakob Schiller has a photography web site. Check it out…

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