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Campos for The Communicator

Joe Campos – NM Lt. Gov candidate – Images by Steven St. John

My smallest and most famous client, The Guadalupe County Communicator, asked me to follow NM Lt. Governor candidate Joseph Campos in a benefit motorcycle ride from Albuquerque to Madrid. Here is to the Media Empire in Santa Rosa!

Out, out, out….POYi judging now

I didn’t enter any pictures this year, but I’m still fascinated by judging currently going on in Missouri at Pictures of the Year International. If you don’t really love photojournalism, it’s probably like watching paint day. But I do love it, and painful as it is to see some of my friends great work pass by on the way to the “outs” pile, it is an incredible education opportunity for young photographers. I was lucky enough to win a second place in the feature sports (above) category a few years ago, and it is both humbling and inspiring to see all the other great photography. I really need to start entering contests again, not to win, but for the great opportunity they afford to reflect on my own work.

An interview with Stacia Spragg-Braude

Stacia Spragg-Braude's book To Walk in Beauty: A Navajo Family's Journey Home.

Stacia Spragg-Braude's book To Walk in Beauty: A Navajo Family's Journey Home.

“Looking through Stacia’s initial submission and then later through a larger selection of her photographs, I remember being struck by the beauty, power, mystery and intimacy of the black and white images of a landscape, culture and people I was unfamiliar with. I recall feeling that she’s not only a fiercely  dedicated and determined photojournalist, but must have an intense personal connection and relationship with this family to spend roughly a decade making these photographs and telling this family’s story.”
There is a wonderful interview with my dear friend and former colleague at The Albuquerque Tribune Stacia Spragg-Braude that I found via the APAD blog at photographer Matthew Ratajczak’s blog Eat the Darkness. Buy the book now.

Stacia Spragg-Braude presenting her book "To walk in beauty" at the  Old San Ysidro Church in Corrales

Stacia Spragg-Braude presenting her book "To walk in beauty" at the Old San Ysidro Church in Corrales.

Introducing Tortuga Photo Workshops


I’m very pleased to announce the launch of a new company called Tortuga Photo Workshops.  Together with  Albuquerque Journal staff photographer Roberto Rosales, we created a company offering photo adventure workshops in Latin America. Our first workshop is scheduled for the remote island of Meanguera off the coast of El Salvador in mid March 2010.  Please have a look at our new website for more information. Also please follow us via our Facebook page.

I also want to take a second to send huge thanks to Ezra at Electrophonic Design, who put this new site together and designed all my web pages. I hope to get back to posting more on Vamos A Ver, now that Tortuga is off and running.

Nicole Frugé – Freelance conflict photographer


San Antonio Express-News staff photographer Nicole Frugé is leaving the paper under her own terms to pursue freelance work. I’m sure she will do amazing things in the future.

“It’s so hard to say goodbye to so many close friends. But I’m very excited that I have an opportunity to follow my passion and hopefully I’ll produce some meaningful stories in the process. I’ve made the decision to go freelance so I can focus on conflict photography and documentary projects.”

You can follow Nicole’s work through her blog The Last Picture Show.

Also, you can see Nicole present her work with a amazing lineup of photographers at the “best little underground photo conference out there” – GeekFest in St. Petersburg, Florida this September 11-13. If you have the means at all, you’re a fool not if you pass this up.