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Punk rock baseball


The view from seat 5F

As I write this, I’m in a metal tube somewhere between 30,000 – 50,000 feet above the ground heading for Seattle. As a photographer, I always try to grab a window seat. It amazes me how people are indifferent to the amazing views, silly humans take so much for granted.




Life with Boo









If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already know that recently Boo has come to live with me. She is my co-pilot, my seeing eye dog and activities director here at Steven St. John Photography. Just say go and she is ready.

Instagram portrait for AARP


Recently I had my first assignment for AARP Bulletin, a publication I really respect because they have been working with some wonderful photographers and producing interesting and innovative journalism under the thoughtful direction of picture editor Michael Wichita. For this particular shoot, AARP was having one photographer in each state make a portrait of a subject and then ask them a few questions about the economy. The catch was it had to be done with my phone and processed using Instagram. Like I said, interesting and innovative. I was cool to be included along with a number of my photo friends and acquaintances, but I think my favorite photo from the series (so far) was composed by Ian C. Bates, a student at Ohio University. I can’t get a direct link to that picture, so you’ll just have to follow the whole project on Twitter  or on Instagram.

Finally, big thanks to my subject Daniel Espalin for taking the time to talk with me and allowing me to photograph him as a winter storm rolled into town.


Happy Presidents day


I couldn’t resist making a few frames of President Obama with my iphone when he was in Rio Rancho back in May of 2009.